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In 2022, make sure you steer clear of these 5 architectural mistakes

icon  admin icon 22-Nov-2021
Every human has their own house planned in their head—much before one is actually capable of buying or building a house of their own, they have a blueprint of their house all set to go. Although eventually, the 'real blueprint' needs to come from an expert. As it goes without saying that we can't keep every important aspect in mind while being in our fantasy land. Therefore, homeowners must keep some important architectural aspects in mind before approving the final plan for the house.  Poor space planning It doesn't matter if your planned house is a humble den or a…

4 Questions You Must Ask Your Interior Designer (or a firm) Before Hiring

icon  admin icon 22-Nov-2021
Hiring an interior designer is a daunting task that might make you scratch your head a little more than you would want. There are myriad questions that might pop up in your head and of course, you’re not alone here. Interior designing is a long-term investment per se. Therefore, there isn’t a lot of room for saving grace when a disaster happens.  So, where do we begin? Well, the best way to ensure you hire the right interior designer is by asking them the following questions. Hence, we’ve amassed some must-ask questions that you should keep in mind while giving…