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-noel coward


About Us

If we take the past 24 years in the context, we land in a matter of fact that reflects how dramatically the world has changed in the last two and a half decades. What’s prevailing around us isn’t the same air that we used to breathe but what has remained unchanged is that axis of values which may have gone through a transformation but has succeeded in keeping its core intact. Axis was founded by the hands of similar attributes back in the year 1997 when letters were still in and video calls were a dream, when the only currency we knew were notes and coins and the internet was emerging as a concept. During that page-turner time, a few visionaries laid down a foundation to not just build new vertices for Axis but to scale newer heights for all its associates. Establishing itself as an organisation that provides end to end solutions to clients, sufficing their exhibitions, architectural and interior requirements; Axis has been continuously adding new service verticals to meet the requirements of a dynamically growing global market.

Exhibition &

Understanding your expectations and showcasing them right.

Architecture &

Not just creating spaces to live and operate but complimenting them with right vibes.

Branding &

Making every detailing reflect a part of your vision and virtues.

Our Services

Axis is the epicentre of aesthetic creativity, the validation of which comes from the strategic solutions laid out for our clients over a period spanning almost a quarter of a century. Optimizing the sense of design to conceptualise the most impeccable environment for our clients is an art we master on a daily basis. Our solutions are personalised, so are their prices.

How We Do It?

Client Interaction

There’s a reason we don’t follow the nomenclature that calls it ‘Client Servicing’, it’s because more than servicing your requirement, we operate as a part of you from the very first interaction. In your brand journey, we become your on-field representative as we showcase your brand to the world.


Concept Designing

If there’s one part that’s the source of adrenaline for our team then that has to be Concept Designing. At this stage, our ideators start living in and out of the box to serve you with the finest ideas for your brand.


Estimation & Drawing

Once the concept is locked, we go straight to the drawing board to save you from the blues of that irresistible waiting for a blueprint. Meanwhile our account and finance heads simultaneously derive the estimates that suit you in the best way.


On Site Execution

After receiving approvals, exchanging knowledge and closing any possible loop, our team sets off to provide aesthetic justice to our journey as you witness simply the on-site execution that you could have gone for.


Our Clients

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Why Choose Us

We understand the importance of outstanding design, effective communication and excellent service. We belief brands that redefine experiences, inspire action and leave lasting impressions.

  • Quality Assurance in Design
  • Client-focused Not Show-focused
  • Worldwide Project Experience
  • Best Experienced Project Team
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Integrated Solutions Provider
  • Competitiveness
  • Quick Response Time
  • Project-value Credentials
  • International Network with Local Knowledge

What Our Client Say

A word from those who have seen us realising their vision.